Episode cover of The SeeArts Podcast #23 🌟 The Future of Spaces  πŸ’« with Katharina Aguilar from 7Places

The SeeArts Podcast #23 🌟 The Future of Spaces πŸ’« with Katharina Aguilar from 7Places

SeeArts Podcast 🌟 Building the co-creative Bridge between Arts & Business πŸŽ­πŸš€

  • 04/16/2021
  • 45 min

About this Episode

In this episode, we welcome a genuinely innovative mind in the SeeArts Podcast - Katharina Aguilar: she is the co-founder of 7Places – an innovation agency in Stuttgart focusing on spaces:Β In the conversation, we discussed creating "co-spaces" as future micro living where everyday needs can be met within walkable distance. Katharina presented two of her current projects that she passionately pursues which also s. We wrapped up with an artistic perspective on how to reclaim public space. It was a total treat, and Katharina was mesmerized with her insightful wisdom and charming way that motivated me to reshape my space for more creativity.More information about 7places:7places dedicate themselves to reinvent our living spaces.They create and build spaces like restaurants, hotels, public spaces, offices, and stores in a new way using inspiration, emotion, and technology. With their philosophy of "Less talking, more acting," they explore and design future spaces at the intersection of technology and architecture.Β Additionally, they develop the 7places App that helps us find inspiring places and events in our daily lives.Katharina followed her calling and passion for space and innovation after spending almost a decade in the automotive industry.The funny side fact is that over a decade ago, Katharina and FabianΒ  were studying together International Business in our dual career at Bosch and IBM, so it is an inspiring catch-up, and I am sure our listeners are as excited as me what these 7 places look like and to learn about these spatial dimensions You can reach out to Katharina viawww.7places.deΒ Β· linkedIN Β· instagram Β· XINGΒ and stay tuned for the 7places App, which is currently in Beta in the AppStoreSupport the show (https://paypal.me/falabares?locale.x=de_DE)