Episode cover of National Park Adventures with Rob Roy from The Adventure Bound Podcast

National Park Adventures with Rob Roy from The Adventure Bound Podcast

Covid Travel Update

  • 05/18/2021
  • 38 min

About this Episode

COVID Travel Update Podcast Episode 024 National Park Adventures with Rob Roy from The Adventure Bound Podcast   Welcome world travelers to COVID Travel Update podcast! I created this podcast for those who lead a travel-centered lifestyle. Whether you are a domestic or world traveler, you’ll find current information on the latest openings, closures, what you can and can’t do during the COVID pandemic when it comes to travel. Get the latest COVID travel information and find out where you can safely travel to each week by tuning into the COVID travel update podcast!   In this episode, I've got Rob Roy from Adventure Bound Podcast. Rob is an active-duty Navy Pilot who recently discovered a passion for the outdoors. Rob and his wife made it a goal to take their firstborn son to 12 National Parks before he turned 12 months old. We chat about National Parks, what they are, how we discovered National Parks, and why you want to visit them!   Zion National Park is a favorite of Rob as this was the first park where he discovered the National Parks. "When we went to Zion I didn't know what it was." Rob visited Zion for a friend's wedding, which helped him understand the National Park System. He loved the greens, trees, and the terrain that results from the mix of desert and precipitation forming the trees against the stunning red rock.    Before he moved to Seattle, he and his wife took west to Washington State to see the Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and the North Cascades. Out of all the National Parks he's visited, Rob says the wow factor is the best at The North Cascades National Park. "When you're talking about unspoiled, rugged beauty, there's no place like it." Since their original trip, they now live closer, although they would have to make a weekend trip with the three-hour drive to get there.   Listen in to find out why Rob loves National Parks, upcoming travels he has planned, and the one dozen National Parks he and his family went to in the year following his son's birth. Find out Rob's tips for visiting National Parks and why he uses the Outbound App when traveling. The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free Are you anxious about traveling with Celiacs Disease? Does the thought of getting sick on vacation worry you to no end? Unsure of what travel options are safe and how to choose a safe restaurant away from home for you and your children? The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free will walk you through the process of planning and enjoying your next gluten-free travel adventure! Take the guesswork out of how to travel, where to go, and how to eat safely when you follow the information in my guide. Whether you are celiacs or gluten intolerant, my guide will give you handy information to delight in your next vacation experience! Learn how to take a trip safely, what questions to ask when you are at a restaurant and which online tools and apps to utilize to find safe, dedicated gluten-free restaurants and food options. Find out what stores to shop at to purchase gluten-free food, determine if a restaurant is gluten-free or celiac friendly, and when you should walk out of a restaurant.  Connect with Rob Roy of Adventure Bound Podcast Visit Rob Roy on the web Follow Rob on Instagram Tweet with Rob Roy on Twitter Join his group on Facebook Check out Adventure Bound on YouTube   Links and Resources    COVID Travel Update on the web Check out my latest videos on my YouTube Channel Grab the Guide to Traveling Gluten Free Get the BEST all-natural gluten-free travel cosmetics at Lemongrass Spa! Visit my Travel Deals page on my website Support Travel Gluten Free on Patreon Journey with COVID Travel Update via Travel Gluten Free on Social Media YouTube  Twitter   Facebook   Pinterest    Instagram    On the Web   Share the most up-to-date COVID travel information and share this episode with a friend!   ***Disclaimer: All content found on the Travel Gluten Free Website, COVID Travel Update website and podcast, including text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. Content contained on Travel Gluten Free and COVID Travel Update website, podcast and social media postings are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always create plans with a licensed travel planner for your vacation.