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Episode 2 - "Just Move" with Kaisa Keranen

UnCommenTerry - The Podcast

  • 05/20/2021
  • 42 min

About this Episode

Welcome to the UnCommenterry! This is episode 2 and we’re coming at you this week with one thing in mind and that’s “JUST MOVE”! And when it comes to our next guest, she has made it her life’s work to get everyone to do just that. She’s been on the covers of Strong Magazine, American Fitness and Oxygen Magazine; Was hand chosen by former First Lady Michelle Obama to be the go to trainer for her Let’s Move campaign; And with the help of her team is single handedly turning the fitness world upside down! I’m talking about the founder of Just Move, Kaisa Keranen…or you may know her as KaisaFit!We’re going to check in with Kaisa and learn why movement is so important to her, why it should be to you, and hear what she is thinks is a backwards formula in the fitness industry.If you don’t know, Kaisa is a Seattle girl at heart who loves to put on for her city – so we talk about her journey from Roosevelt HS in Seattle to current day - and you won’t believe how she got started in the fitness world, because what she’s doing now was not in the plans! And for that reason, her training an NBA Champion during his offseason is all the more interesting. And Kaisa will be the first one to let you know her thoughts about equality, so we talk about women in sports and the impact that it will have on future generations, as well as her involvement in the community and giving back.We’ve got all that and more to cover so we better get busy and “Just Move’’, because Kaisa is in the building!