Episode cover of S01 Ep05 – Indigenous Futurism: Explained

S01 Ep05 – Indigenous Futurism: Explained

ANGR Podcast with Sofia Syntaxx

  • 05/23/2021
  • 15 min

About this Episode

How can science fiction, a genre that imagines a future of infinite possibilities, be seemingly unable to imagine a future where people of colour have any relevance – or even exist? In this episode host Sofia Syntaxx talks about indigenous futurism: what is it and why it’s important in Indian Country and mainstream pop culture. From 2001 when scholar Grace Dillion coined the term to the Black Panther movie to amazing anthologies showcasing the work of BIPOC creators, we’ll explore the origins and development of this revolutionary new way of thinking. Learn about the link to Afrofuturism and hear Sofia’s recommendations for her favorite indigenous futurism books, movies, music, and fashion. Digressions include the Afrofuturist Project, Janelle Monae, and a story about how the oil and gas industry freaked out over the indigenously-created “Thunder Bird Strike” video game. Learn the meaning of the Anishinaabemowin word “agindan.” Support the show (paypal.me/SofiaSyntaxx)! Join us on Patreon! Do you want to participate? Message us @ANGRPodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Email us at ANGRpodcast@SofiaSyntaxx.com Visit linktr.ee/ANGRpodcast for more information. New episode released on the 23rdof every month. The ANGR Podcast Theme Song is written and performed by MarcusWorx. Mi'iwi [that's all]