Episode cover of Episode 3 - Chop Shop with Steve Jones Jr. - Part 1

Episode 3 - Chop Shop with Steve Jones Jr. - Part 1

UnCommenTerry - The Podcast

  • 05/26/2021
  • 56 min

About this Episode

Welcome to the UnCommenterry! This is episode 3 and we’re coming at you this week from the film room and the sideline because there are multiple views when it comes to the game of basketball. And when it comes to our next guest, he has seen the game from both angles and at the highest level. Whether its film, player development, or in-game adjustments, using a different lens allows you to see things you didn’t see before. If you’re an NBA diehard or just a basketball junkie you’ve probably seen his game breakdowns on Twitter. He’s a former Memphis Grizzlies Video Coordinator and Brooklyn Nets Assistant Coach, and the son of a Legend, literally…I’m talking about Steve Jones Jr.We’re going to check in with Steve and get his take on the current NBA Season including James Harden and the Nets, this year’s All Stars, biggest surprise he’s seen on the court so far – as well as get his predictions for this season’s awards.And Steve’s a Pacific Northwest guy too, hailing from Portland, OR so we talk about his journey from the PDX to the NBA and everywhere in between – which includes some strong basketball connections that well prepared him on his way – and when you hear about the players he’s worked with I’m sure you’ll give him a follow on Twitter too, if you don’t already.And although Steve can breakdown the game with the best, some of his greatest moments have come off the court – so we have some fun talking everything but basketball!Throw on your wranglers and Cowboy boots because it’s going to be hotter than a Thursday night at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country in Las Vegas…and Steve Jones Jr. is on the dance floor!