Episode cover of Why WoCo? An Interview with Mirabella Pulido

Why WoCo? An Interview with Mirabella Pulido

Can You Hear Us?

  • 02/25/2021
  • 51 min

About this Episode

In this first episode, the Can You Hear Us? (CYHU) team introduces themselves and their first theme: Sense of Place. They interview the founder of the LSE’s first association for Women of Colour in Consulting (WoCo): Mirabella Pulido. They discuss the reason behind the creation of WoCo, the importance of creating such a space in today's world and what Hogwarts house is behind it all! “Even though being a Woman of Colour is not 110% what I do and who I am it is a big part of it.” “After looking through the LSE’s organisations and not seeing that and looking at the internships I wanted to apply for and realising that there was actually no one who I knew that looked like me that I could reach out to solicit advice, that is when I realised that there was a big need for this.”