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Gang Of Witches - Ibiza Podcast

  • 06/09/2021
  • 55 min

About this Episode

GANG OF WITCHES - Ibiza Podcast - Episode #7 LAND STEWARDSHIP Guest: Jessica Dunlop, project leader of Ibiza’s Land Bank. Summary of the episode: 20,000 hectares of land has been abandoned on ibiza in the last ten years. There is so much degradation of soil that there is very little organic matter left in much of it, leaving the land in a pre-desertified state. To get back on track, more agricultural activity and healing of the earth is needed. Not just in Ibiza, but globally to tackle climate change.  Jo Youle talks to project leader, Jessica Dunlop, of Ibiza’s land Bank in today’s episode about land stewardship and plans to pair up available and suitable land with those who wish to create their own farming projects so the regeneration of the famous red Ibizenco earth can commence on the island and this healing journey can begin. Credits: Guest: Jessica Dunlop Animation: Jo Youle Editorial: Joanna Hruby Production: Gang Of Witches Conception: Gang Of Witches, Jo Youle Editing: Reset Rebel Productions  Sound design: Gang Of Witches Music: Gang Of Witches Mix: Reset Rebel Productions  Photography: Launa Failla Branding: Vivien Bertin #Ibiza #Ecofeminism #Artgang #Witches 🔥 Gang Of Witches - Art gang, Ecofeminist 🔥 - 🎧 All episodes on: 👉 https://smartlink.ausha.co/gang-of-witches-ibiza-podcast - 🎧 Gang Of Witches - Le Podcast: 👉 https://www.gangofwitches.com/podcasts/ 👉 https://www.gangofwitches.com/ - 💜 Join us on social networks: 👉 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gangofwitches/ 👉 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GANGOFWITCHES/