Episode cover of In the Cloud with Microsoft Azure's Chief Security Advisor

In the Cloud with Microsoft Azure's Chief Security Advisor

Security on Cloud

  • 06/17/2021
  • 33 min

About this Episode

Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Azure, Mark McIntyre shares his experience in helping Microsoft's US government customers move confidently to the cloud while securing their legacy IT systems. Questions and Topics on this episode include: What are the driving forces behind organizations migrating for Microsoft Azure? What effect has the pandemic had on the speed of digital transformation regarding security? What do CISO teams need to think about in terms of defending an organization? What are the challenges and benefits that companies face with security as they move from a data center model to the cloud? What will be the impact of the President's executive order on cybersecurity? Are CISOs understanding the power of cloud-based machine learning and automation in security? Anitian’s partnership with Microsoft Azure reflects an ongoing digital transformation as businesses look to expand their cloud services.   Get the Anitian & Microsoft Azure FedRAMP Solution Brief here to learn how you can quickly and confidently protect and certify cloud workloads with the Anitian Compliance Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure.