Episode cover of 06: Chemical Control with Alysia Reiner - Actress, Activist, Producer and Eco-Mom

06: Chemical Control with Alysia Reiner - Actress, Activist, Producer and Eco-Mom

Healthy Home Take Control

  • 06/18/2021
  • 27 min

About this Episode

Many people do not realize the importance of minimizing the presence of chemicals in all areas of their home.  Today’s guest, Alysia Reiner, is an actress, activist, producer, and eco-mom. Alysia is passionate about creating a clean environment not only for the planet, but inside our homes.  In this episode, she shares ways she has created an eco-friendly environment and reduced the toxins in her living space. She discusses why reducing toxins in the home really matters, easy ways you can start making changes, and her effort to support positive change instead of negative change. From water purifying to air filtration, this episode has it all!    Show Highlights:  Alysia shares what made this year the “meditation retreat no one signed up for”  How being a mom has driven Alysia to be more environmentally conscious  Ways the fashion industry impacts climate change  Navigating purifying home water supplies  Ways Alysia has improved her home air filtration  Items Alysia brought into her home to minimize chemical levels Making environmentally-friendly cleaners at home  How Alysia had a mold issue even though they built an entirely clean home  Projects and programs that Alysia is working on and passionate about    Links:  We'd like to thank our sponsor Mothers and Others for Clean Air: https://www.mothersandothersforcleanair.org https://www.alysiareiner.com https://turninggreen.org Alysia Reiner's Closet on Wardrobe - https://www.wearwardrobe.co/users/2405 https://www.airprotein.com