Episode cover of Redefining success: Tim Henman

Redefining success: Tim Henman

Life Lessons: From Sport and Beyond

  • 06/27/2021
  • 51 min

About this Episode

What does success mean? Is the simple 'winner and losers' narrative we hear about in sport and life too simplistic?Tim Henman reached six major tennis semi-finals - four at Wimbledon - and was ranked fourth in the world. And yet – in some quarters – there is a false narrative that somehow Tim didn't deliver, or choked when it mattered most. If that were true, then almost all of us are failures.In this episode - we talk about exploring your potential – rather than setting a goal and limiting yourself – and why everyone’s journey and trajectory is different.We discuss gratitude, honesty, humility – as well as the fickle nature of external approval and why having intrinsic self-worth is where the gold is.We also talk about the lessons Tim learnt from being the first player to be disqualified from the Championships in 1995 - and it turns out that experience may have been a blessing in disguise.**A quick note before we get to this episode – thanks for all the messages and emails I have received of late. Huge apologies I haven’t had time to reply but I assure you I read every single one and they all make a really big impression on me – so if you have written in – thankyou.A reminder- If you want to sign up for my weekly newsletter – you can do so on my website simonmundie.com@simonmundie See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.