Episode cover of #8 THE FUTURE IS LOCAL - PART 2


Gang Of Witches - Ibiza Podcast

  • 07/09/2021
  • 1 h 04 min

About this Episode

GANG OF WITCHES - Ibiza Podcast - Episode #8 THE FUTURE IS LOCAL - PART 2 Guest: Gabrielle Gambina, is the co-ordinator of Ibiza Produce she is also a chef, and an ayurvedic consultant. Summary of the episode: In the last two years without the usual influx of tourism, other avenues of revenue and exploration are opening up and all eyes are on the land rather than the sea in the same way. New ideas are on the table, new regenerative agriculture projects are popping up and with them, a huge focus on how we produce our food, and how this could in turn become a way to positively impact the climate change crisis, but also take the power back from big corporations and keep our food sovereignty firmly at the forefront of what’s important.  Gabrielle Gambina, is the co-ordinator of Ibiza Produce she is also a chef, and an ayurvedic consultant and wishes is to bridge this gap between the food creators and local farmers and the restaurants that buy their produce. She talks to Jo Youle in today’s episode about how she feels the farmers are misunderstood and why she feels a solution was needed to smooth out the meeting of the two so they can support each other. Credits: Guests: Gabrielle Gambina  Animation: Jo Youle  Editorial: Joanna Hruby  Production: Gang Of Witches  Conception: Gang Of Witches, Jo Youle  Editing: Reset Rebel Productions   Sound design: Gang Of Witches  Music: Gang Of Witches  Mix: Reset Rebel Productions   Photography: @luanafaillaph   Branding: Vivien Bertin #Ibiza #Ecofeminism #Artgang #Witches 🔥 Gang Of Witches - Art gang, Ecofeminist 🔥 - 🎧 All episodes on: 👉 https://smartlink.ausha.co/gang-of-witches-ibiza-podcast - 🎧 Gang Of Witches - Le Podcast: 👉 https://www.gangofwitches.com/podcasts/ 👉 https://www.gangofwitches.com/ - 💜 Join us on social networks: 👉 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gangofwitches/ 👉 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GANGOFWITCHES/