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3. A History of Tea

A Proper DBE Podcast

  • 07/11/2021
  • 38 min

About this Episode

Welcome to episode three of A Proper DBE Podcast brought to you by Daughters of the British Empire. The Daughters of the British Empire is a 501(c)3 nonprofit American society of women of British or Commonwealth birth or ancestry. We share and promote our heritage while supporting local charities and our senior facilities across the United States. Today, Georgia is joined by the following guests:2nd Vice President,  Kathleen Springer - Yorkshire Rose, TexasMidwest District Organizer, Lynda Krupp - Lady Nancy Astor, Kansas Midwest District Organizer, Brenda Marks - Somerset House, KansasKansas State Recording Secretary, Mary Hawks - Bard of Avon, KansasWe discuss the history of tea from it's discovery in ancient China to Portugal's Catherine of Braganza introducing it to the aristocracy of England in the 17th century to, more recently, the accidental invention of the teabag. We also talk about personal preferences and why the British insist on drinking hot tea at the height of summer, and finally one way some chapters were able to adapt during the pandemic and still provide their communities with an afternoon tea event. Here's the NPR article discussing the science behind the cooling effect of a hot drink on a hot day: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2012/07/11/156378713/cool-down-with-a-hot-drink-its-not-as-crazy-as-you-think If you would like to learn more about the DBE, or are interested in becoming a member, you can find us online at www.dbenational.org.If you have any questions or comments about this episode, you can email us at podcast@dbenational.org.You can follow us on social media:Facebook: facebook.com/dbenationalInstagram: @dbenational1909Pinterest: pinterest.com/dbenationalTheme music: https://megamusicmonkey.com/free-music-royal-tea-party-song-30-second-creative-commons/