Episode cover of The danger of complacency: Colin Jackson

The danger of complacency: Colin Jackson

Life Lessons: From Sport and Beyond

  • 07/18/2021
  • 46 min

About this Episode

In the words of one of Britain's greatest ever athletes, "complacency has a tendency to bite you on the backside".At the 1992 Olympics, Colin Jackson was hot favourite to win gold in the 110 metres hurdles, but finished seventh in the final after getting ahead of himself in the earlier rounds.Jackson won the World Championships twice thereafter and held the world record for over a decade, so he has no regrets - just lessons to share.He also talks about not letting success go to your head, harnessing anxiety and nerves to perform better, having the bravery to reach out to people who are better than you for help and guidance and much more besides.**Follow me on instagram.com/simonmundie/Follow me on twitter.com/simonmundieSign up for the newsletter at www.simonmundie.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.