Episode cover of Tea with The Wolves of Water Street

Tea with The Wolves of Water Street

Tea with Trosper

  • 08/19/2021
  • 28 min

About this Episode

Don’t let the amount of times we talk about donuts fool you on what this episode of Tea with Trosper is about! While not drinking tea, yet a vintage ’61 whiskey, we sat down with the self-proclaimed Wolves of Water Street, Emerald Island and Rainbow Club Casino owner, Tim Brooks, and CEO of TSK Architects, developer, and owner of Public Works Coffee Bar, Windom Kimsey to talk about the revitalization of Water Street in Downtown Henderson, Nevada. We delve into the reason why Windom was so inspired by the potential of Water Street that he decided to move there, have a mouthwatering conversation with Tim about the specialties at his new Triple B Burgers restaurant, and tease the upcoming developments coming to Water Street in the near future. Check out the happenings on Water Street at: https://waterstreetdistrict.com/


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