Episode cover of Tea with a Knight Commander

Tea with a Knight Commander

Tea with Trosper

  • 09/02/2021
  • 20 min

About this Episode

September 18th not only marks halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, but also marks when the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is hosting their annual head shaving event here in Las Vegas, Nevada! Trosper sat down with Knight Commander (the honor given to shavees who’ve participated 10+ years), Captain of the Bald by Design team, and foundation board member Phil Ralston to discuss St. Bladrick’s mission to fund childhood cancer research and the upcoming event. Due to the pandemic, funding for childhood cancer research is needed more than ever and Bald by Design, Nevada's top fundraising team, aims to reach a momentous goal this of passing over 1 million dollars raised throughout the last 12 years, only being $5,000 away. Help Phil Ralston and his team by donating at https://www.stbaldricks.org/teams/mypage/130569/2021 and catch the entire Bald by Design team shave Saturday, September 18th sat McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas! (streaming link to be added when it becomes available)


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