Episode cover of 19 | Ojas & I-Cooking the Ayurveda way

19 | Ojas & I-Cooking the Ayurveda way

The Answer is Elephant

  • 09/08/2021
  • 58 min

About this Episode

Ojas & I is Angela Piovesana (Ojas Oven), Breanna Grassl (Domestic Goddess), Janis Collins (Tech). Sitting down with all four of us at the kitchen table to discuss how we could be changing the way we approach food and cooking. How much of poor diet chooses are do to lack of planning and know how? Let these ladies guide you through a different approach that just might be a key that you have been missing. Teaching cooking classes through the  Ayurveda way of life and cooking. Bring you a unique connection to the foods you put in your body. Ayurveda is a 500 + year old technique from India. Angela has studied Ayurveda, and now she has combined this Janis & Breanna to have a powerhouse team ready to help others learn. Let's face it cooking with allergies or just items you don't wish to eat can be a lot of work. Having classes online gives you such a massive step up in motivation to make fun and healthy meals for yourself and others. Come to a pot luck with one of these meals and you will surely have some new best friends.   Dosha Quiz-www.banyanbotanicals.comLet's get well together!Host: Karla Turnerwww.KarlaTurner.caIG: @theansweriselephant & @karlaturner.wellnessadvocateFB: @The Answer is Elephant Podcast & @Karla Turner.Wellness Advocate Guest: Ojas & I (Angela Piovesana, Breanna Grassl, & Janis Collins)www.ojasandi.comIG: @ojasoven     FB: @Ojas OvenPodcast: Ojas & ISponsored By: reFRESH Food & Drink Offering healthy lunches, smoothies, fresh juices, fresh baked pretzels, juice cleanses, kombucha onWalkers General Store Walkers General Store is a retail store for the whole family. We are not all about "western wear".