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Lisa Steele: Fresh Eggs Daily

Sustainability Book Chat

  • 09/14/2021
  • 17 min

About this Episode

Having backyard chickens, like having your own garden, is a small but significant way to take control of your food and decrease its carbon footprint. While backyard chicken keeping has become more popular in recent years, some people are still intimidated by the idea.In this episode, we are talking to Lisa Steele, fifth generation chicken keeper and author of Fresh Eggs Daily and Duck Eggs Daily. Lisa tells us about the circuitous route she took before becoming a chicken owner and why she loves having hens in her backyard. She also talks about her favorite breed of chicken, as well as what's acceptable when you want to give your chickens a treat (or two). We also talk briefly about the option to keep ducks for eggs. How are ducks and duck eggs different than chickens? And who might prefer one or the other? And I mention the one time I was ready to say good bye to our ducks.Full show notes here -- https://thriftyhomesteader.com/fresh-eggs-daily/