Episode cover of #067 The funniest and most emotional exploits of BMW drivers | BMW Podcast

#067 The funniest and most emotional exploits of BMW drivers | BMW Podcast

The BMW Podcast | Changing Lanes

  • 09/23/2021
  • 30 min

About this Episode

Life writes the best stories, as the saying goes. Sometimes they are nerve-wracking experiences, other times deeply moving moments – but no matter what, they all make our everyday lives more interesting. First and foremost, however, they are good anecdotes that we like to share with others. In this episode, we have no less than seven great stories of this kind. Today, Nicki and Jonathan tell you the funniest and most emotional stories about things that have happened to BMW drivers in various parts of the world. Spoiler alert: all these stories end well, because BMW drivers everywhere in the world can count on BMW Service – #whateverhappens. Are you ready for bizarre discoveries, funny anecdotes, and lots of animal content? Then have a listen.  06:20  A motorized piggy bank 08:40  Veni, vino, vici  12:50  Can we throw it away? No, it’s art! 16:30  An adrenaline rush on four legs 19:40  Lifesaver 22:30  A warm night’s rest 25:40  Beautiful horizon And if you want to read more funny stories, go to BMW.com.  “Changing Lanes” is the official podcast of BMW. Subscribe for new episodes each week, in which our hosts take you on an exciting journey and talk about innovative technologies, lifestyle, design and more.