Episode cover of The WIRE: Throwing yourself in the deep end (Part Two)

The WIRE: Throwing yourself in the deep end (Part Two)

REB Podcast Network

  • 09/29/2021
  • 23 min

About this Episode

Suzannah Toop highlights the trials and tribulations of taking on a leadership role at just 23 years of age to Grace Ormsby and Sadhana Smiles. In the second half of this conversation, the CEO of Property Investment at South Australia’s Toop+Toop reveals the hardships she faced when she did come back into the business full-time, talks through a tough two-and-a-half-year transition period, and highlights how tech ultimately enabled the business’ transition to a less stressful and more enjoyable work environment. In this episode, you will hear:   What it took to wrangle the rent roll “beast”   Why hiring can be a difficult hurdle through change    Important considerations for incorporating technology Make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing to us now on Apple Podcasts. Did you like this episode? Show your support by rating us or leaving a review on Apple Podcasts (REB Podcast Network) and by liking and following Real Estate Business on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you’d like to lend a voice to the show, email editor@realestatebusiness.com.au for more insights.