Gang Of Witches - Ibiza Podcast

  • 10/05/2021
  • 59 min

About this Episode

GANG OF WITCHES - Ibiza Podcast - Episode #10 PROTECTING THE POSIDONIA Guest: Jo Youle meets Daisee Aguilera, marine biologist, environmental consultant and ex-Minister for the Environment at the Consell De Formentera. Summary of the episode: Between Ibiza and Formentera lies the largest Marine Protected Area of the Balearics: Es Freus. In 1999, the seagrass meadows that reside just under the surface, were awarded World UNESCO Heritage status. More than two decades later, they are now under threat from climate change and need further protection. Last month 11 nations from around Europe met in Formentera for the first time, as part of the Mediterranean Posidonia Network,  to discuss ways to preserve it and ensure it continues to keep the waters of the Balearics pristine. This month Jo Youle boarded a boat to the smallest island of the Pitiuses to meet ex-Minister for the Environment at the Consell De Formentera, Daisee Aguilera, who is a marine biologist and environmental consultant to find out more about the secrets of Es Freus and how we can look after the magical white sands of Formentera. Credits: Guest: Daisee Aguilera Animation: Jo Youle Editorial: Alix Grey Production: Gang Of Witches Conception: Gang Of Witches, Jo Youle Editing: Reset Rebel Productions  Sound design: Gang Of Witches Music: Gang Of Witches Mix: Reset Rebel Productions  Photography: Daisee Aguilera Branding: Vivien Bertin #Ibiza #Ecofeminism #Artgang #Witches 🔥 Gang Of Witches - Art gang, Ecofeminist 🔥 - 🎧 All episodes on: 👉 https://smartlink.ausha.co/gang-of-witches-ibiza-podcast - 🎧 Gang Of Witches - Le Podcast: 👉 https://www.gangofwitches.com/podcasts/ 👉 https://www.gangofwitches.com/ - 💜 Join us on social networks: 👉 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gangofwitches/ 👉 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GANGOFWITCHES/