Episode cover of Jim Pearsall with Adrian Pearsall | Episode 5

Jim Pearsall with Adrian Pearsall | Episode 5

The Perspecta: Stories of Modernism

  • 10/11/2021
  • 1 h 22 min

About this Episode

One of our goals in starting this podcast was to learn about influential mid-century modern designers, from first hand accounts; not many relationships are closer than that of father and son. Jim was able to recount beautiful personal experiences with his father Adrian Pearsall, and spoke about his close collaboration with him - from furnishing restaurants, to designing custom pieces, and directly working together at Craft Associates. Jim told us all about the house he grew up in, which Adrian designed - and we spoke in depth about his experience being the custodian of his father’s work and legacy. Pull up a bean bag chair around the fire & warm up to our familial conversation with Jim Pearsall.