Episode cover of 21 | The Nu Ancients-Cheers to your wellness

21 | The Nu Ancients-Cheers to your wellness

The Answer is Elephant

  • 10/20/2021
  • 1 h 09 min

About this Episode

The Nu Ancients is a pairing of Jenn Moonflower (episode 17) & Tyrone Morales (episode 1). Rocking the elixir blend world, these two are sharing their love and knowledge of herbs and superfoods. Giving us at this point 3 different elixir blends to help get you started or doing the prep work for the more advanced. The Nu Ancients are now serving others in the aiding of our health. They spend as much time outside as they can. Connecting to the plants and all that the Mother has to offer. Always going about things in a loving and respectful way. Listening to Ty & Jenn, you can hear their passion for what they do. You can't help but get inspired.     Let's get well together!Host: Karla Turnerwww.KarlaTurner.caIG: @theansweriselephant & @karlaturner.wellnessadvocateFB: @The Answer is Elephant Podcast & @Karla Turner.Wellness Advocate Guest: The Nu Ancients (Jenn Moonflower & Tyrone Morales)IG: @thenuancients  & @jenn.moonflower & @tttyrone.moralesSponsored By: