Episode cover of Ep. 1: Gillian Rosheuvel - MA in Writing & Publishing Turned Content Strategist

Ep. 1: Gillian Rosheuvel - MA in Writing & Publishing Turned Content Strategist

The Work Seminar

  • 11/03/2021
  • 49 min

About this Episode

Gillian relocated from New York City to Chicago to explore her identity as a creative writer in grad school after a decade in technical writing and corporate communications jobs. Fast forward a couple years after finishing her MA in writing and publishing, the opportunity to work as a content strategist presented itself. She seized it and never looked back.As a content strategist, Gillian has found work that allows her to “lift people up,” a value she aims to live by. She spends her working hours determining what content will help people with varied backgrounds and abilities use apps, websites, and software. Her path to content strategy has required self-advocacy, extensive personal time devoted to learning new skills, and a few contract-based roles that didn’t offer the benefits and security of full-time jobs. All of which Gillian explores generously in this inaugural episode of The Work Seminar.*Please excuse a few minor background audio blips. What Gillian has to say is well worth enduring the occasional snap, crackle, or pop.*Books & other resources mentionedContent Strategy for the Web by Kristina HalvorsonHow to Make Sense of Any Mess by Abby CovertFollow Carrie Hane (@carriehd) on TwitterCheck out more from The Work SeminarVisit theworkseminar.com or find @TheWorkSeminar on social media. Sign up for The Work Seminar newsletter to receive updates straight to your inbox.Support the show (https://ko-fi.com/theworkseminar)