Episode cover of Ep. 2: Dave Smyth - MA in Jazz Studies Turned Web Designer

Ep. 2: Dave Smyth - MA in Jazz Studies Turned Web Designer

The Work Seminar

  • 11/10/2021
  • 48 min

About this Episode

Dave felt destined for life as a jazz percussionist, and he pursued that passion in earnest. The website design skills he picked up thanks to a “misspent youth” were intended to help pay the bills in between gigs and teaching. But what started as a means to supplement his income soon shifted into his main bread and butter. Now the co-founder of Scruples Studio, Dave is immersed in the world of building websites with—you guessed it—scruples, respecting users’ data privacy and finding viable alternatives to big tech for his clients. In ways he wouldn’t have expected, his time earning an MA in jazz studies and his living as a musician prepared him for self-employment.Resources mentioned“Why I'm Losing Faith in UX” by Mark HurstWhere to find Dave and ScruplesScruples.studio @scruplesstudio and @websmyth on TwitterCheck out more from The Work SeminarVisit theworkseminar.com or find @TheWorkSeminar on social media. Sign up for The Work Seminar newsletter to receive updates straight to your inbox.Support the show (https://ko-fi.com/theworkseminar)