Episode cover of 8 | Wait, Are We Finally Doing Some Marketing? 🤔

8 | Wait, Are We Finally Doing Some Marketing? 🤔

The Indie Dads Podcast

  • 11/16/2021
  • 38 min

About this Episode

Could it be true? Two software engineers, both trying to do some actual marketing? Holy smokes this is harder than it sounds!Bryan shares his experience so far with Google Ads and all the gotchas he has to watch out for. Malcolm shares his plans for the next two weeks and they discuss different strategies for getting in front of the right eyeballs when you're just starting out.--Follow us on Twitter for more updates:Bryan is @PocketBryanMalcolm is @InquisitorJaxIndieDads is @IndieDads_--About this podcast:We're Bryan and Malcolm, a couple of dads sharing our journey about bootstrapping our indie businesses while still prioritizing our young families.Our goal is financial and location independence, but not at the expense of our families, our kids' happiness, or our relationships.That doesn't mean we won't work hard and hustle in order to get things off the ground, but our priorities will always be family-first.We believe that you can bootstrap a successful SaaS, Freelance, or Indie business while still enjoying the family life. We're here to share our learnings as we build our businesses from scratch.