Episode cover of Dustin Phares Moto Trainer

Dustin Phares Moto Trainer

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 06/30/2022
  • 59 min

About this Episode

Social media can be so time consuming, right?It seems that if we are thinking we are watching a video for a min or two..We find ourselves hours later still scrolling through stories and reels!There are some individuals out there that make great content or are extremely talented and their content is hard to pull away from. Seems as though that is the mission of these platforms.. Right? But seriously there are some extremely talented athletes and they can captivate audiences with their talents. So it’s hard to pull away in person or online.When I originally chatted with Dusty Phares, he told me he was talented but I was skeptical for sure. “You should see me ride dude. I’m FAST!” is a statement I hear regularly. So when I hopped on Dusty’s instagram account, he showed his talent in just a few videos! He is stupid fast and talented and has been racing for a really long time. From his young years racing to his track training, Dusty is a great athlete and works really hard on himself and what he wants to achieve in the industry. Enjoy!!Be sure to join The Action Sports Club so you can learn how to land sponsorships and spend more time riding.