Episode cover of Marcel Michitsch One Legged Racer

Marcel Michitsch One Legged Racer

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 07/01/2022
  • 40 min

About this Episode

What challenges keep you from riding?When you get injured, do you quit?Honestly, this is a tough discussion to have..There are many ways to get injured, right? Some are simple falls but can have devastating results. Others are crazy instance crashes and you might walk away with a minor damage. Then there are those crashes that happen for you and your life is turned upside down… that is truly the time you can decide to quit and be done completely or decide to become somebody different and push yourself to another level. The choice is completely up to you.So many surprises came from today’s podcast. There is so much information to talk about in such a short amount of time. Marcel Michitsch is always pushing himself to find his limits which keeps him extremely busy in his life! He’s decided to push himself more and not let his life challenges slow him down. From many podium wins to great social media content, Marcel is a fantastic guy and we are stoked to share his story with you. OH and you might know him as One Legged Racer. Enjoy!Be sure to join The Action Sports Club so you can learn how to land sponsorships and spend more time riding.