Episode cover of Douglas Chrysler Ambassador Jarvis Race Gear

Douglas Chrysler Ambassador Jarvis Race Gear

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 07/08/2022
  • 43 min

About this Episode

It takes just one opportunity.You are one dm away from an opportunity of a lifetime.One email away from changing your life.Do you believe this stuff? Is it really only 1 away? Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone call, dm, text, email, or even handshake. You are literally 1 contact away from something incredible. A job change, a conversation, a sponsor, and even as little as a change in thought. We have amazing capacities that we undermine each day and don’t take advantage of more opportunities that are placed in front of us. Let’s start changing that today!It took 1 message for Douglas Chrysler to change his life. After the 1 message he sent off to a particular individual in the U.K. he completely changed his lifestyle, as much as he could with a broken limb. Today Douglas is crushing it in his world and is connected with individuals he once believed impossible because he thought too small before. Now he is happy with what he is achieving and looks forward to really pushing himself to get in front of the next opportunity. Oh and for him, an email to Graham Jarvis changed it all.Enjoy!Be sure to join The Action Sports Club so you can learn how to land sponsorships and spend more time riding.