Episode cover of Jess Pettis Factory Pro KTM Redbull

Jess Pettis Factory Pro KTM Redbull

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 07/16/2022
  • 47 min

About this Episode

Some kids want to be firefighters.Others want to be doctors.Then there are Action Sports Enthusiasts…The reality is we have an idea when we are really young of what we want to do with the rest of our lives but we have no idea where we will end up in 10 let alone 20 years from now. HOWEVER that doesn't mean you stop pushing for the goals you have created for yourself. When you fall down and scrape your knee what do kids do? “Rub some dirt in it, it will help, I promise”. We believed it then so what’s stopping us from believing today? Jess Pettis is still dreaming and laser focused on his goals. Injuries are part of the job. Success is part of the job. Crazy schedules are part of the job. When life gives us lemons, we find a way to get out and ride!EnjoyJoin The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding.