Episode cover of Greg Peterson Grassroots Enduro Australia

Greg Peterson Grassroots Enduro Australia

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 07/21/2022
  • 1 h 11 min

About this Episode

Can you imagine hosting an event?Imagine hosting an event with a few hundred adrenaline junkie racers.On top of that, managing fans from all over coming to watch an epic race.So when we found out Greg Peterson is hosting the Grassroots Enduro in Australia, it wasn't a hard decision to make having him as a guest on the podcast. This episode is unique because we don't get to talk with individuals that host events and are on the front lines pushing to grow a certain action sport. Greg was a fantastic guest and it helps that he hosts his own podcast and works with so many athletes in his area, he's a pro when it comes to great conversations.EnjoyJoin The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding.