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Frank Atwell Evolve Moto

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 08/04/2022
  • 51 min

About this Episode

I hear that if you don't race from a young age, you won't be successful.I've also heard that someone might be "too old" to land sponsorships.Are these facts of life though?Absolutely not! Your age is for sure limited by your lifestyle. If you eat, drink, and party, then you are probably a great person to hangout with when it's night time party time. But if you are 40 years old and spend as much time on the bike as the 20 year olds do, you are likely going to see amazing results most dream about but don't chase.  Frank Atwell found that he loves racing Hard Enduro in his late 30's and he didn't let his age stop him. There are limitations in this world but the ones we can control, we can learn to dominate and get amazing results that we seek. It really comes down to how hungry we are, and Frank is an amazing example of what is possible.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding.