Episode cover of S1 Ep4: Angie Bass: Unlocking the Potential Power of Clean Data

S1 Ep4: Angie Bass: Unlocking the Potential Power of Clean Data

Healthy Data

  • 12/19/2019
  • 31 min

About this Episode

Google Maps is useful because it’s driven by an incredible trove of quality data that empowers us to see the world from different perspectives—a humble orb floating across the galaxy or a sandwich shop down the street.  What if healthcare had such a trove of data? Clean data that, instead of being holed up in silos, flowed like a river across the industry? Many experts believe that if this was the case, we could zoom out to build big-picture maps of chronic disease hotspots (and more efficiently conduct the work needed to curtail such problems) and zoom in to the individual patient, who could benefit from our improved understanding of family history, social determinants of health and other distinct factors. Is this an idealistic, far-fetched idea? Not quite. Dozens of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) across the country are working toward this noble goal right now. Angie Bass, president and CEO of the Missouri Health Connection, a midwestern HIE, is looking to leverage the data in her network to help her partners provide better care.  Tune into this episode to learn more about the strategies Bass uses to manage the constant evolution HIEs must endure, what specific steps she plans to take to achieve her lofty goals, and how she ensures her network harnesses the cleanest data available as a fuel source to propel the healthcare industry forward.