Episode cover of Roundtable #1 with Bonnie Rae and John Sovec

Roundtable #1 with Bonnie Rae and John Sovec

Your Mental Breakdown

  • 03/02/2020
  • 1 h 18 min

About this Episode

For a special bonus episode this week, Doug and Meredith are joined by their friends and colleagues; John Sovec and Bonnie Rae, both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. They have an open and honest conversation about topics such as disclosing sexual orientation with clients, handling the nerves of the first visit, how to stay supported and connected, and the LGBTQ elements of John and Bonnie’s work. The group also talks about if they have ever Googled a client before a first session, how to know when a client/patient relationship isn’t a fit, and how they set tighter boundaries to go even deeper in their sessions.    Mentioned in this episode: Antioch University  The West Wing  President seeing a therapist scene John Sovec  Bonnie Rae