New Wave 80 : The Ultimate Platinium Best of 2

Le meilleur du meilleur des années New Wave. Et encore, il en manque..(voir dans Commentaires)

  • by NostraDam
  • 386 tracks
  • 27 h 50 min

Playlist Tracks

Naked And Savage The Mission 04:45
Never Again The Mission 05:06
Wasteland The Mission 05:41
Tower Of Strength The Mission 08:06
Chapter 12 (12" Mix) Modern English 04:36
I Melt with You Modern English 04:11
Just What I Always Wanted Mari Wilson 03:26
Queen of the Rapping Scene (Nothing Ever Goes the Way You Plan) (12" Version) Modern Romance 05:49
Cracked Mirror Moev 05:57
Crucify Me Moev 05:19
Fear Moev 04:09
In Your Head Moev 04:35
No Flash In The Sky Moev 04:25
Ophelia Moev 03:59
Photos Moev 04:50
Airport The Motors 04:38
Broken Wings Mr. Mister 04:22
Kyrie (Single Version) Mr. Mister 04:16
Always Something There to Remind Me (2018 Remaster) Naked Eyes 03:39
Emotion in Motion Naked Eyes 04:41
Fortune and Fame (2018 Remaster) Naked Eyes 03:18
Promises, Promises (Single Edit) Naked Eyes 03:45
When the Lights Go Out Naked Eyes 03:03
Games of Love The Neon Judgement 04:08
Awful Day The Neon Judgement 04:36
On Islands New Musik 04:25
Living by Numbers New Musik 03:28
This World of Water New Musik 03:37
Blue Monday New Order 07:30
Here to Stay (Radio Edit; 2015 Remaster) New Order 03:56