Infernal Racket: Occult Metal

Radial Latinoamérica te trae una selección de lo mejor del #metal.

Playlist Tracks

Season of the Witch Stormwitch 03:44
Stand by Him Ghost 03:56
Night Child The Oath 03:38
Black Magic Brimstone Coven 05:08
Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram) Pentagram 03:10
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (2014 Remaster) Black Sabbath 05:46
Frost and Fire Cirith Ungol 03:35
Night of the Demon Demon 03:18
The Black Mass Pagan Altar 05:34
Dark World Saint Vitus 04:57
Creature of the Demon Kadavar 04:48
Death Reflects Us Beastmilk 02:49
Walpurgis Night Stormwitch 03:00
Messiah Hellhammer 04:18
Witching Hour Angel Witch 05:49
Eyes of the Night Ram 02:57
The Gates of Hell Sorcerer 04:26
Melancholia Tribulation 05:16
In League with Satan Venom 03:31
Salem King Diamond 05:17
Hell Awaits Slayer 06:16
Freezing Moon Mayhem 06:23
Ride the Wings of Pestilence DAWN 09:44
Malfeitor Watain 06:58
Satan's Hammer Deströyer 666 04:13
Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell    Carpathian Forest 01:05
Evil Blasphemies Nifelheim 03:16
Open the Gates Dark Funeral 04:34
I Am The Black Wizards Emperor 06:00
Morbid Tales Celtic Frost 03:28