A collection of fine and relaxing tracks by Clannad

  • by anonymous
  • 63 tracks
  • 4 h 14 min

Playlist Tracks

Caislean Óir (Remastered) Clannad 02:06
The Wild Cry (Remastered 2003) Clannad 04:40
Closer to Your Heart (Remastered) Clannad 03:29
In a Lifetime (Remastered) Clannad, Bono 03:09
Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) (Remastered) Clannad 04:47
Indoor (Remastered 2003) Clannad 03:53
Buachaill An Éirne (Remastered) Clannad 03:10
Blackstairs (Remastered 2003) Clannad 04:15
Journey's End (Remastered 2003) Clannad 02:43
Northern Skyline (Remastered 2003) Clannad 04:57
I Will Find You (Theme from "The Last of the Mohicans") (Remastered) Clannad 05:15
You're the One (Remastered) Clannad 03:55
Something to Believe In (Remastered) Clannad, Bruce Hornsby 04:46
Robin (The Hooded Man) (Remastered) Clannad 02:52
Broken Pieces (Remastered) Clannad 04:51
Why Worry? (Remastered) Clannad 04:29
Mystery Game (Remastered) Clannad 04:24
A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) (Remastered) Clannad 04:24
The Hunter Clannad 04:55
White Fool (feat. Steve Perry) (Remastered) Clannad, Steve Perry 04:39
There for You (Remastered) Clannad 04:10
Let Me See (Remastered) Clannad 05:05
Ri Na Cruinne (Remastered) Clannad 04:03
Theme from Harry's Game (Remastered) Clannad 02:27
Newgrange (Remastered) Clannad 04:05
Fado (Remastered) Clannad 05:16
Anam (Remastered) Clannad 04:03
Coinleach Glas An Fhómhair (Remastered) Clannad 06:00
Na Laethe Bhí (Remastered) Clannad 05:20
Of This Land (Remastered) Clannad 04:42