Anjunadeep New Releases (Deep House, Electronica)

All the latest releases from Anjunadeep as soon as they drop!

Playlist Tracks

You Take My Hand Tinlicker, Jamie Irrepressible 05:16
Ocean Blue Franky Wah 05:29
Something Wonderful Alan Fitzpatrick 04:29
Another Day Franky Wah 07:08
Starbeam William Orbit 05:50
Bring Me Back To You Franky Wah, Iiola 04:17
Cosmic Waves Alan Fitzpatrick 04:22
Why Not Me Franky Wah 07:23
List (Hosini Remix) Il:lo 04:22
A Call Out For Love Alan Fitzpatrick, LOWES 03:26
No Rival! (NERO Remix) Lakou Mizik, Joseph Ray 03:53
Wild Skies (Marsh Remix) Eli & Fur 03:57
Closing In Alan Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Hart 05:00
Proud Qrion 03:56
Be Here and Now Tinlicker, Nathan Nicholson 03:29
The Sweeper Alan Fitzpatrick 05:54
Pitch Dark Qrion 04:54
Acid Changes Everything Alan Fitzpatrick 04:46
Bourgeois Imagery Alan Fitzpatrick, High Contrast 03:31
Jones St. Qrion 04:52
Borders Juno Mamba 05:45
Waiting (Eli & Fur's Found Version Live) Eli & Fur, CamelPhat 03:41
Fireworks Qrion 04:24
Rainbow Infinity Juno Mamba 04:41
Sundancer Douran 05:25
Rye & Eggs (Kamilo Sanclemente & Dabeat Remix) Fingerprint 04:56
Love Affair São Miguel 03:48
Bright Lights Qrion, Flownn 04:34
Slow Burner Douran 05:23
Waterfalls Qrion 04:53