Pop Hitz 11 [ Session 11 ]

New music from Marsters, The Cube Guys, Marietto, Anonic, Jess Hayes, Rodrigo Ace, Zephyrtone, Cliff Scholes, M1CKY & more, dive in!!

Playlist Tracks

Lie Sidney Housen, NJ 02:38
Gravity The Cube Guys 03:42
Summerlover Anera 03:11
Different Dreams M1CKY 02:47
Lovefool Marietto, Zama, Amy Sisson 02:36
Can't Stop Myself Marster, Jess Hayes 02:51
Route 2 Shay 03:25
Labels Raphael de la Rie 03:28
Quiero Mas Rodrigo Ace 03:18
Rise Marsal Ventura, ARNNY MONTANA, Ella Loponte 02:24
Keeper Melinda Ortner, Cliff Scholes 03:02
Got What I Need Socievole, Adalwolf, Kris Kiss 02:56
The Final Countdown (Radio Edit) Tony Vendder, DJ Greg 04:42
You Can't Escape My Love (The Klubbfreak Remix) Zaydro, Jess Hayes 02:35
Dancing on a Knife Anonic, Jess Hayes 03:47
Club Coming Down (Radio - Beatmaster Loud) M1CKY 02:47
Paradize (Synthwave Edit) Mico C 02:38
Miss You ZEPHYRTONE 02:35
Echa Paca Dany, Jony Keyche 02:37
Flirty Raphael de la Rie 03:18
Bring Us Together (Beatmaster Radio Edit) Sidney Housen 02:50
Nothing Makes Sense Van Maximilian, Nightfreaks 03:26
The Way You Dance Moon Arch, Fab's 02:52
Love Me Luka J Master, MR. Esse, Afrogoldie 03:26
Believe in Me


Raxx$ Afro 03:51
Another Song Roulade 03:47
Wicked Wall (Radio Edit) Lomezz 02:38
Relight (Scotty Edit) Scotty 02:45
Hey Oh Fiesta (DJ Combo & Rayman Rave Edit) Skreatch, TOMI 02:43
Hey Oh Fiesta (Tony Postigo Dico Edit) Skreatch, TOMI 02:21