Films & Séries OST

  • by Florian
  • 561 tracks
  • 34 h

Playlist Tracks

A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics James Horner 04:54
Panoramic Atticus Ross 07:11
Cornfield Chase Hans Zimmer 02:06
Dust Hans Zimmer 05:41
Day One Hans Zimmer 03:19
Stay Hans Zimmer 06:52
Mountains Hans Zimmer 03:39
I'm Going Home Hans Zimmer 05:48
Coward Hans Zimmer 08:26
Detach Hans Zimmer 06:42
S.T.A.Y. Hans Zimmer 06:23
Where We're Going Hans Zimmer 07:41
No Time for Caution Hans Zimmer 04:06
Never an Absolution James Horner 03:02
Distant Memories James Horner 02:24
Southampton James Horner 04:02
Rose James Horner 02:52
Leaving Port James Horner 03:26
"Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch" James Horner 04:31
"Hard to Starboard" James Horner 06:52
Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave James Horner 03:56
The Sinking James Horner 05:05
Death of Titanic James Horner 08:26
A Life So Changed James Horner 02:12
An Ocean of Memories James Horner 07:58
My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from "Titanic") James Horner, CĂ©line Dion 05:10
Hymn to the Sea James Horner 06:25
Unbreakable (Theme) The Complete Movie Soundtrack Collection 02:55
Theme From Jurassic Park John Williams 03:27
Journey To The Island John Williams 08:45