FUTURE FIRST | Bass / Beats / House / Vibes

Find the future.

Playlist Tracks

Winter in Berlin The Golden Pony, Demsun 03:22
Dream In The Light Obylx 02:18
Crossing Lines GAMPER & DADONI, Aiaya 03:15
Flying Love (Bonus) D-Gene 02:52
Do U Nikö Blank, Jacob Luttrell 03:11
Dream No More Summer 04:05
Come as You Are (MiNDTRiX Remix) Prince Paris, Karen Harding 02:28
Let Go Landis 03:05
That Night Rioo 03:01
Drop It Wolfe 03:22
Once Again Handbook 02:58
Cosmic LESR 04:07
Good Vibes (Radio Edit) PLS&TY, Cosmos & Creature 02:50
Radio Silence (feat. HAILZ) Snugs 03:43


ASMO 02:09
Far Away (feat. Rhea Raj) Avae, Her Mind, Rhea Raj 03:48
Supercharger (feat. Ham the Illustrator)


Ben Cryde 03:21
I Need Todd Helder 02:18
Night Life (feat. Daym) Fluencie, Daym 02:32
Suffer Baby LissA 03:17
Neon Gill Chang 03:38
Touch (feat. Pauline Herr) Kaivon, Pauline Herr 03:47
Illusions Zonder 03:51
Feel This (feat. Suz) Emerald Lake 02:56
Constellation Win and Woo 03:35
Downfall Trias & Calli Boom 03:00
Still Here Julian Cross 03:21
Jaded Larsen, Veronica Bravo 02:58
246 Aftrparty, Jordan Corey 03:57
Don't Stop TenYearsGone 03:07