100% ABBA

ABBA are back! Relive the glory years with their biggest and best pop gems here!

Playlist Tracks

Slipping Through My Fingers ABBA 03:53
Chiquitita (Spanish Version) ABBA 05:30
Don't Shut Me Down ABBA 03:56
If It Wasn't For The Nights ABBA 05:13
Happy New Year ABBA 04:22
I Still Have Faith In You ABBA 05:09
As Good As New ABBA 03:22
My Love, My Life ABBA 03:52
Why Did It Have To Be Me? ABBA 03:20
Hasta Manana ABBA 03:05
When All Is Said And Done ABBA 03:20
When You Danced With Me ABBA 02:50
Eagle (Long Version) ABBA 05:49
Hey, Hey Helen ABBA 03:16
Me And I ABBA 04:53
Bang-A-Boomerang ABBA 03:03
Move On ABBA 04:42
Mamma Mia (Spanish Version) ABBA 03:33
The King Has Lost His Crown ABBA 03:30
Tropical Loveland ABBA 03:05
One Man, One Woman ABBA 04:25
Arrival ABBA 03:00
Put On Your White Sombrero ABBA 04:26
Rock'N'Roll Band ABBA 03:11
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) ABBA 03:05
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room ABBA 03:34
La Reina Del Baile ABBA 04:00
Waterloo (German Version) ABBA 02:46
I Let The Music Speak ABBA 05:21
Ring, Ring (Swedish Version) ABBA 03:12