Vocal Synthwave Retrowave

The latest 80s-influenced synth-driven pop, with an emphasis on great songwriting. Updated every Friday evening PST!

  • by colortheory
  • 199 tracks
  • 12 h 02 min

Playlist Tracks

Crystal Color Theory 04:25
Don't Tell Me Why Yota 03:38
Le Planet Destroyer Turbo Knight, Indigo 04:01
Bitter Reflection Body of Light 03:59
Go Your Own Way PriZm 03:19
Greasy Makeup Karp 04:43
Used To Be Flood District 03:28
Elevated Simulakrum Lab, Dana Jean Phoenix, Glauco Medori 03:46
SIGNS Polychrome 03:38
Tongue Particles Sebastian Clarin 03:26
Addicted Usagi Is Dead 04:58
Gimme The Night PARADISE LTD, Wild Culture 02:24
Swipe Right MightyandMassive 02:54
Pillar of Salt Sasha Vinogradova, Bepa 04:43
This Is More Like You Quarterboy 02:50
She's Made of Wires Color Theory 03:30
Falling Girl R. Missing 02:09
You Looked At Me (feat. Jones Lambo) Pett1, Jones Lambo 03:42
EVERLASTING Emma Hewitt 03:29
Wrath (Rogue VHS Remix) Color Theory 03:08


GeoVoc 04:31
one giant leap Odyssette, Rén with the Mane 03:44
Perfect Sun Midnight High 04:02
Life Next To You BMX Escape, BY FOREVER 03:55
Dry Blood (Factory Sessions) Parallels 04:08


Lucie 03:39
Feel It Coming Coach's kid 03:19
Runaway (feat. Vanessa B Andrews) Ron Voyage, Vanessa B Andrews 04:00
Still Lovers Second Daughter 03:24
In Fer Rogue VHS, Llynks 03:25