Led Zeppelin x Royal Blood

"Beyond the songwriting and the anomaly of having a band comprised of such virtuosos, for me 'Zeppelin's magic has always been about the chemistry that existed between the four members. -Royal Blood

  • by Topsify US
  • 7 tracks
  • 43 min

Playlist Tracks

I Can't Quit You Baby (23/3/69 Top Gear;Remaster) Led Zeppelin 04:23
Dazed and Confused (3/23/69 Top Gear;Remaster) Led Zeppelin 06:39
Immigrant Song (Remaster) Led Zeppelin 02:26
In My Time of Dying (Remaster) Led Zeppelin 11:08
Good Times Bad Times (Remaster) Led Zeppelin 02:46
In the Light (Remaster) Led Zeppelin 08:47
When the Levee Breaks (Remaster) Led Zeppelin 07:08