Topshelf 101

Kevin's favorite song from each album in our entire catalog. Songs are in order of catalog number, chronologically. To move with us in time, just hit play—or, for a wild ass time hop, shuffle this biz. For detailed info on each album, visit our disco

  • by topshelfrecords
  • 248 tracks
  • 15 h

Playlist Tracks

Green With Envy Aeroplane, 1929 02:58
Flag & Crucifix Aeroplane, 1929 04:14
The High Cost Of Living Stand Up Get Down 03:20
Black Sky Moller 02:26
Slow Dorritt Moller 02:20
Jess And Charlie Pianos Become The Teeth 03:17
Bike Ride Roy Thomas Baker 04:26
Forgiver Forgetter Defeater 02:32
Giving My Hands Away My Heart To Joy 03:12
Get Motion! Big Kids 03:21
Leafy Stair Rooftops 06:04
Exposure To Heavy Metal Causes Whatever We Were Skeletons 03:47
Poison Tree Lion Cub 02:18
Cage of Canaries Aeroplane, 1929 04:26
Chilsen CSTVT 03:14
Fakin' It Everyone Everywhere 03:06
Three Day Weekend Grown Ups 03:54
Peter Pan Talons 03:16
Buddy System Caravels 04:58
Dream Beaver Caravels 04:20
Boku and Chevre The Clippers 01:19
Eyjafjallajokull Dance The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die 05:57
Fairwell to a Raincloud My Heart To Joy 02:57
F for Now Coping 02:46
The Ghost of Jean Glam We Were Skeletons 04:11
I Am a Romantic Comedy Dude Big Kids 03:01
Sad Bastard Music You, Me, and Everyone We Know 01:43
So Long and Thanks For All the Shark Jaws By Surprise 01:48
Be Neon with Me The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die 01:35
No Funeral We Were Skeletons 03:33