Topshelf 101

Kevin's favorite song from each release in our catalog. Songs are in reverse order by catalog number. To move with us backward in time, just hit play—or, for a wild ass time-hop, shuffle this biz. For detailed info on each album, visit our discograph

  • by topshelfrecords
  • 272 tracks
  • 16 h 19 min

Playlist Tracks

Having Had and Lost Some Infinite Thing (2023 Mix) Caravels 03:44
Adventure Elephant Gym 02:33
girly Blue Smiley 01:11
calm Blue Smiley 01:55
sorry Blue Smiley 01:41
flip Blue Smiley 02:02
flower Blue Smiley 01:15
Clean Gulfer 02:55
The Window Ratboys 04:15
Forks of the Jailhouse Bruiser and Bicycle 07:47
Insomnia Parannoul 04:49


Knifeplay 04:47
Performative Subsonic Eye 03:14
The Brazil They Are Gutting a Body of Water 06:17
Hurt Your Head Subsonic Eye 02:25
Sometimes Sweet Pill 02:54
Gather the Lights JYOCHO 04:09
leave the room and face the waves Thanya Iyer 02:06
5's And 6's Del Paxton 03:56
Friday Night Sobs 03:53
plain english Record Setter, Home Is Where 03:01
Aislamiento Lunarette 03:14
Low Sky Lunarette 03:38
End of the World Gulfer 03:40
Greetings Gulfer 02:14


Mal Devisa 03:27
Neighbours Gulfer 03:58
In the Field Supernowhere 02:58
Wings Elephant Gym, Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra 03:51
Tangerine Spritz Lunarette 03:49