Sounds Australia At Americanafest 2019

Hear all the Australian acts making their way to Nashville in September to showcase at AMERICANAFEST.

  • by Sounds Australia
  • 14 tracks
  • 48 min

Playlist Tracks

On Attack Falls 03:39
Up & Down David Garnham and the Reasons to Live 03:21
Praising God, Raising Hell Sinead Burgess 03:11
The Walls Jordie Lane 03:07
When I Found You The Maes 03:17
Yellow Cup Little Georgia 04:04
I'm All In Brad Butcher 03:36
Back to the Country Matt Ward 03:31
River Of Gold The Weeping Willows 02:51
Hourglass Monique Clare 04:17
Daily Detritus Ella Hooper 02:56
Old Blood Nathan Seeckts 03:17
Burn Tristen Bird 03:53
Bite Back Melody Moko 03:30