Lofi hip hop - beats to relax/study by Lofi Girl

A daily selection of chill beats perfect to relax & study

Playlist Tracks

within & without Tomcbumpz, Paniyolo 01:51
Northern Lights Mell-ø, Osaki 02:16
The Night Is Full Of Wonders Living Room, Mell-ø 02:34
Distant Memory Dontcry, Nokiaa 01:51
i got u Tender spring, Another silent weekend, Blue Wednesday 03:23
ripples Towerz, Hi jude 02:08
Have Hope Mondo Loops 02:35
Fading Mist S N U G 03:04
Far From Home Iamalex, Felty 01:55
Astro Scayos, Frumhere, Hixon Foster 02:02
Fig Trees Dillan Witherow, Blue Wednesday 02:43
it's ok Tibeauthetraveler 02:38
Wisteria Arbour Raimu 02:38
Brighter Days Project AER, Refeeld 02:48
oath Hi jude, Towerz, Xandra 02:16
And Then I Woke Up Hevi, No one's perfect 02:48
apart Bert, Møndberg 02:36
I'll Meet You At The Station Louk, Glimlip 02:26
Tetra Monma, Cocabona 03:15
Fireflies Tabal, DLJ 02:37
Levitate Amies, Cxlt. 03:22
Sleepin In The Park Swink 02:38
station to station Tibeauthetraveler, Banks, Bcalm 02:35
Afloat S N U G, Nuver, Project AER 02:55
Mercury Retrograde TyLuv. 02:09
youth Steezy Prime, Ayzic 02:23
Perspectives Yasumu 02:04
Desert Iamalex, Felty 01:54
Interstellar Scayos, Strehlow 02:48
Evening Rain DaniSogen 02:48