Sleep lofi 💤

A daily selection of the smoothest lofi hip hop beats, perfect to help you chill or fall asleep 💤Click here if you need synthwave to sleep 💤

Playlist Tracks

Rain Inside Softy, Osaki 02:10
slow blink Steezy Prime, Fnonose 02:59
Blessed Softy, After noon 01:55
gratitude Laffey 02:02
Cold Kudo 02:15
adrift Bcalm, Dontcry 02:27
bloom Bcalm, Dontcry 02:11
passage Bcalm, Dontcry 02:07
4 Months Dryhope 03:07
Smile From A Friend Fourwalls, Farewell 02:34
Etoiles Hoogway 02:16
Skipping Rocks Laffey 02:07
Moonlit Walk Purrple Cat 03:30
Celestial Juliàn 02:27
Palace in The Sky Kainbeats, Cxlt. 02:33
Nocturnal Steezy Prime, Just Steezy Things 02:27
Hiding Place Softy, Inertia. 02:40
Fireflies Kanisan, Frad 02:03
trusting myself Laffey 02:57
The Woods Call me Blocktane, Kioko, Ornithology, Kairos 02:40
Set Sail Laffey 02:09
La Lune Jhove, Fourwalls, Allove 02:03
Gravity Free Laffey, Mondo Loops 03:13
Sunday's Lullaby Dosi 03:04
night and day Bcalm, Dontcry 02:16
time flies Jhove 02:10
in the air Steezy Prime 02:19
mystical nights Idylla 02:41
Left alone Softy, Dontcry 02:17