Disney Spooky Sounds

A spooktacular collection of creepy songs and ghoulish sound effects from Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas and more!

  • by Disney Music Group
  • 37 tracks
  • 1 h 18 min

Playlist Tracks

A Dark & Stormy Night Walt Disney Records 02:59
Thunder, Lightening and Rain Walt Disney Sound Effects Group 02:00
Elephant Graveyard Hans Zimmer 06:38
Jafar Summons the Storm Alan Menken 01:20
Pirate Overture George Bruns 03:06
Scare Me Music George Bruns 03:24
Where Are They? Alan Silvestri 03:12
Oogie Boogie's Song Danny Elfman 03:15
This Is Halloween (From "The Nightmare Before Christmas") The Citizens of Halloween 03:16
Pool Monsters Attack (From "Frankenweenie"/Score) Danny Elfman 01:50
Hyenas in the Pride Land Hans Zimmer 03:50
Trapped Pinar Toprak 03:19
Ghostly Voices Xavier Atencio, Paul Frees 05:08
Swinging Wake Buddy Baker, Xavier Atencio 01:01
Tunnel Scape Alan Silvestri 03:16
Mad Monster Party (From "Frankenweenie"/Score) Danny Elfman 01:59
The Haunted House Laura Olsher 02:59
Birds Walt Disney Sound Effects Group 00:31
The Very Long Fuse Laura Olsher 01:26
Screams and Groans Walt Disney Sound Effects Group 00:55
Grim Grinning Ghosts Ghosts 03:54
The Dogs Laura Olsher 01:10
Timber Laura Olsher 01:44
Your Pet Cat Laura Olsher 00:46
Shipwreck Laura Olsher 01:38
The Unsafe Bridge Laura Olsher 01:20
The Chinese Water Torture Laura Olsher 02:01
Escape from the Cave Alan Menken 01:09
The Birds Laura Olsher 00:45
Martian Monster Laura Olsher 01:43