Galacy Records

Galacy is the sister label of Liquicity. Within this playlist you'll find every Galacy release ever, plus a little bit extra. Fresh, soulful and uncompromising music.

  • by Liquicity
  • 138 tracks
  • 11 h 32 min

Playlist Tracks

Truth Of A Lover Bert H, Sydney 04:34
Left Unknown Bert H, Elle Chante 04:56
Memories Humanature 04:58
Radiate Fishy, Nostre, Lottie Woodward 05:18
Oooga Low:r 05:14
Silver Lining Emba, Telomic, Leah Rye 04:54
Just The Start Low:r, Sili 04:54
Chubby Bubbler Low:r, Sili 04:30
Fast Moving Bert H, Eastcolors 05:37
Gone Bert H, Eastcolors, Becca Jane Grey 05:42
Lost Together Rezilient, Humanature 05:17
Positive Reaction Rezilient 05:14
Particles (feat. Sydney) Bert H, Hiraeth, Sydney 04:47
Particles (Instrumental) Bert H, Hiraeth 04:47
On Cloud Seven Leniz 04:58
Love In Excess Leniz 04:30
Taking My Time Leniz, Brainwork 04:58
Without You Leniz, Painted Skies 05:42
Falling Zombie Cats, Sarah Pellicano 04:51
Cosmic Gate Nelver 05:18
Nothing Left Nelver 05:41
Light Of My Life Smote 04:47
Be My Love Smote 04:58
Born Suicide Smote 04:58
Don't Cry Surreal 04:27
It's Over Surreal 04:26
High Times Surreal 05:18
Spectrum Surreal 05:25
Run Away The Outsiders, Ida 04:11
Seeker Colossus, Flowanastasia 05:41