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A look at what we're all listening to here at Topshelf. Brought to you by Andres, Kevin, Will, Sarah, Seth, Sean and Vanessa!

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  • 45 tracks
  • 2 h 58 min

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Promise Knifeplay 04:47
He Awoke On A Beach In Abergavenny Tubelord 04:16
Had A Fantastic Clearance 01:31


Death Insurance 03:49
I Think I'm Gunna Write a Good Song Today, Oh God Russel the Leaf 02:12
Suffer (feat. Track B) Blood Estate, Track B 02:21
Here Healing Potpourri 03:03
palawan Yuk. 01:35
Warm Season Gonima 05:17
One of These Wombo 03:25
Where's My Dini? Ovlov 04:24
Sandcastles Aseul 04:58
Love You Good Rochelle Jordan 03:53
Raising the Skate Speedy Ortiz 04:13
Betty Dreams of Green Men Guerilla Toss 03:29
Material Marxist Love Disco Ensemble 04:04
little death Wulven, Blood Estate 03:38
News Skatters Noyes 02:02
Keep On Alfa Mist 10:47
Randy Described Eternity Built to Spill 06:04
Maybe It Was Memphis Pam Tillis 03:59
Sick Beat Kero Kero Bonito 02:59
Skip Frederic Robinson 03:36
pining, revisited Dynastic 04:20
Boy BOYBOY 03:28
Midnight Marker Shy Layers 03:10
Little Acts (Remix) Mercet 02:36
Rules Hoops 02:13
You Ever Get Punched in the Face for Talking Too Much? Look Mexico 02:37
Karma the Knife


Angelica Garcia 03:38